frequently asked questions (FAQ)

  • Do you offer a free trial class?
    Can I observe a class?

    We do not offer "free trial" to hard sell you expensive gym packages, or collect expensive membership fees! If you are serious about learning Wing Chun with us, just turn up for class.

    Not sure if Wing Chun is right for You? Drop by at any one of our classes and we will be more than happy to talk to you in person & answer any question you may have! And you are always welcome to sit-in and observed one of our class in session.

  • When can I start the class?
    What is the best time to join?

    Our classes are on-going, there is no specific enrollment or intake date as such, you can join us any time!

    And because fees are collected on monthly basis and will NOT be prorated, as such its best to join us on 1st week of each calender month so that you don't pay for lesson you didn't attend!

  • How do I enroll?
    Where to register?

    Go to the front office or cashier counter at the training venue; register and make payment there in person.

    For CC classes, you can register using Self-Service Kiosks at the venue or on-line using onePA's website ( Search for Wing Chun Classes under instructor/ sifu Ken Lau.

    For CSC classes, CSC members can register on-line using CSC's website ( Search for Wing Chun Classes conducted at Tessensohn Clubhouse under instructor/ sifu Ken Lau.

  • Is there other cost involve?
    Is there a make up class if I miss a session?

    The only fees that you pay is the monthly school fees. Apart from that there is no membership, association, grading, licensing or any other hidden fees.

    As for school uniform, after the initial training of 3 months, students shall be require to purchase a club t-shirt at S$30 each.

    There will be NO REFUND if students fail to turn up for class, however if students have made prior arrangement with the instructor, the student can opt for a make up class at our other training venues.

  • What should I wear for class?
    Do I need to buy any training equipments?

    For new students, you can wear any gym clothing, sports attire, any sport-specific garments include tracksuits, T-shirts, polo shirts, shorts, etc. all are acceptable. Proper sports shoes with flat sole is recommended as we DO NOT train barefooted. And don't forget to bring a towel and a bottle of drinking water!

    For regular students, you need to buy your own personal equipments such as focus mitts, gloves, head guard, gum guard, shin guard, groin guard, etc. Also school uniform is mandatory in class.

    At later stage, as your training progress, you will also need to invest in your own Wooden Dummy, Butterfly Knives and Long Pole for your private home training.

  • What is the age limit in learning Wing Chun?

    If you just want to pick up Wing Chun for fun, health & exercise, or just purely for self-defense, then age is not so critical, you can be as young as 6 or as old as 60's (or 70's) to take part in our Wing Chun programme. You can train as "relax" or as "serious" as you want!

    On the other hand if you intend to be involved in competitions, then you should start in your early teens, as most professional fighters retire in their early 30's!

  • I have no martial arts background, would that be a problem in learning Wing Chun?

    Martial arts experience is not necessary as we have a structured teaching syllabus in place, everything you need to know in Wing Chun will be taught to you as you progress.

    Having previous martial arts experience sometimes help, because you don't need to start everything from scratch, on the other hand old habits die hard, making it challenging to accept and adapt to new concept!

  • Does size matter in Wing Chun?
    I am a female would Wing Chun be suitable for me?

    Size DOES matter in all physical sports! if using strength against strength; the person with a smaller body frame will have disadvantages. However since Wing Chun principles advocate using deflection or diversion of the on-coming force for defense rather than go against it, borrowing momentum, using leverage, even a person with a small stature, with the necessary skills, can have a chance to be equal!

    This is why Wing Chun is well-known as "gentleman's martial arts" particularly suitable for person with small stature, also effective self-defense arts for ladies! If you don't already know the Wing Chun system is actually named after a lady; founded by a woman!

  • Is Wing Chun suitable for self-defense?

    "Common sense" is the best self defense system you have and require no training or conditioning; not putting oneself in the dire situations is best self defense.

    Women who wear sexy/provocative clothing will get stared and attract attention, so take a Grab/ Taxi or arrange for someone to pick you up after late night clubs/ parties, instead of making your own way home across deserted street, alleyway or carpark.

    Go across the road if you see a group of rowdy/drunken revelers hanging in the street blocking your way.

    Say sorry when someone bumped into you in the street even its not your fault, if in a coffee shop or bar, some guy bumped into you and spill his drink because he is not looking, offer to buy him a new drink instead of spend next 20 minutes arguing then develop into full-fledged no holds barred brawl! The winner end up in police cell, the loser end up in hospital. So who is the winner?

    When you get mugged on your way home, Pointing a knife at you.... he ask "Your money or your life!" You tell him I am I have no money or life... Seriously if you get mugged just comply and give up your wallet, if he try to relocate you to second crime scene, chances are he wants more than your wallet, most probably your life, in that case consider you are already dead, fight back with all your might, pick up anythings within your reach, used as improvised shield / weapons, fight back and you may have a chance to live!

    When the guy say across the Bar shouted, "What you looking at?". You say "Your girl friend is gorgeous and you are one lucky man!" Avoid fight at all cost unless you have no choice!

    Having said that Wing Chun is definitely very capable martial arts system for combat & self defense; it is concept base meaning no need to memorize individual techniques; just the principle, enable you to adapt & change according to the situation. Its low maintenance; ie no need to do excessive amount condition, stretching, punching wall bag or required extreme flexibility or being physically fit.

    As all Wing Chun strikes go for "soft target" like eyes, throat, ears, small joints, pressure points etc. which require only nominal strength to cause irreversible damage, and of course you don't need to be able to do a full split in order to stomp on someone's foot, knee the groin, etc to get you out of trouble should the situation arise!

  • What are the benefits of learning Wing Chun?

    Apart from being able to defend one-self, as a form of exercise, learning Wing Chun with us can help you improve your general health. Our calisthenics exercise will also help you increase joint mobility, built core strength, maintain fitness and improve flexibility. Our classical Qigong exercise also help you reduce stress, strengthen respiratory muscles, internal organs and boost the immune system.

    Practicing Wing Chun will also boost self-confidence of the individual, instill discipline, improve the physical and mental well-being, and bring about a more balanced and relaxed state of the mind.

  • How long do I need to train in Wing Chun before I can use it effectively?

    Wing Chun is a relatively simple system to learn and has a fast learning curve, if you want a context of time frame; 2 to 3 years you should able to go through the entire system; namely the 3 empty hand Forms, Chi Sau, Wooden Dummy, Knives and the Long Pole.

    Learning the Forms and remembering the sequence of movement is just the beginning and that is the easy part, the difficult part is the discipline and time commitment; to be good at what you do, you have to put in the thousands of hours of practice, years of sweat and pain, perfecting the same movement over and over again, day after day!

    The Chinese saying… 3 minutes on stage, 10 years hard work off the stage!

  • Can Wing Chun compete with other martial arts style?

    In short definitely Yes, if you train in the same intensity! Its not about one style against another style, Its about fighters complete against each other in terms of experience, skills, power, speed, timing, endurance, etc.

    Someone who train a kick or punch a thousands times a day, 7 days a week will always be a better fighters then someone just train couple of hours a week!

    There are no good or bad martial arts system, only good or bad martial artist; Its not the car but the driver. In a fight its your understanding, skills and experience against your opponent and not style or system!

  • Are there belts or grading system in Wing Chun?

    Traditionally, Wing Chun schools do not have a belt or ranking system which are typically found in Japanese or Korean martial arts system! Its a modern adaptation for commercial schools in an attempt to keep students interested. When students can show the attainment of certain level of competence in a few techniques, a colour belt is rewarded as an indication of their progression.

    We agreed rank and belt system do indicate minimum standards students have achieved, however we should not overemphasize the importance on the belt/grading system; just because a student may spend 4 months memorize a sequence of techniques to satisfy the grading requirement, but he may not have time to prepare for surprise street attacks!

    Our goal here is not to turn students into belt collectors, but rather let the students skills & abilities speak for themselves.