Two Wing Chun Systems

Sifu Ken Lau is Grandmaster Ip Chun's (葉準師傅) only certified instructor here in Singapore and he is also an authorized instructor in Cho Ga Wing Chun System under Master Ku Choi Wah (古財華師傅).

Learn authentic Wing Chun from the best of both worlds, with the concept and principles from two prominent & different Wing Chun lineages:-

  • Hong Kong Ip Man (Ip Chun) Wing Chun system
  • The Ban Chung Cho Ga Wing Chun System

Our Wing Chun classes are suitable for all age, gender, fitness and experience levels. Anyone who is new to martial arts to experienced martial artists. Someone who is looking for some form of exercise to improve their health and mental well-being, or someone who is looking for a practical no-nonsense self-defence system; WING CHUN is for you!

what you can learn

You can learn the complete Wing Chun system with us, our Wing Chun syllabus & course modules has been carefully developed to provide you with a well-balanced, challenging yet practical curriculum to maximize learning in the shortest amount of time.

  • Wing Chun Forms (套路: 小念頭 / 尋橋 / 標指).
  • Form applications (套路應用 / 對拆).
  • Sparring (對打 / 對拆).
  • Footwork & Kicking (步法 / 腿法).
  • Chi Sau - Sticky Hands (黐手).
  • Wooden dummy (木人樁).
  • Butterfly knives (八斬刀).
  • Six and a half point Long Pole (六點半棍).

Join our WING CHUN class today; maintain your overall mental and health fitness, see your alertness and concentration improve, feel less stress and frustration, be happier; the endorphins released by physical activity is one of the best ways to improve your mood.